К проблеме автобиографического прочтения поэтического текста: на материале рецепции творчества Марины Цветаевой и Василя Стуса


Autobiographical writings
Lyric diary


The relationship between poetry and autobiographical writings cannot be univocally defined. However, in some cases the identification of a poetic cycle as a lyric diary can prove a fruitful approach to its understanding. J. Taubman’s study on Tsvetaeva’s poetry is a good example of this critical trend. Later works, notably T. Gevorkian’s articles and M. Borovikova’s dissertation, have enriched the discussion.

Interesting observations on the possibility of ascribing diaristic qualities to lyric poetry are to be found in works about the Ukrainian poet Vasyl’ Stus. His death in a Soviet camp in 1985 has often cast a shadow on a scientific approach to his literary heritage. A more accurate interpretation might derive from the re-evaluation of the intertextual features of his lyric diary. The question clearly remains open and highly problematic. This article provides a first insight into the topic.

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