Dni by V.V. Shul’gin (1922) and the Role of Witnessing in the Construction of the Anti-Semitic Myth: from History to Self Writing and back again


Testimonial literature
Collective level
Jewish responsibility


The paper focuses on the text Dni, written, already in exile, by V.V. Shul’gin, a famous Kievian journalist and political figure, known for his nationalistic and anti-Semitic views. In the conviction that it is possible “through alpha (1905) to determine omega (1917) of Russian revolution”, the author narrates the first days in Kiev after the publication of the October Manifesto and the Jewish pogrom that followed, and skips then to the events connected with the February revolution. The text, typical of testimonial literature, intertwines individual and collective levels. I will focus on the second: the interpretation of Russian events and the question of Jewish responsibility, issues that were central to émigré debates, in order to create the émigré official History. 

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