L’autobiografia di Nikolaj Ivanovič Kostomarov: le fondamenta dell’ucrainofilismo politico nel filtro dell’autocensura


Historiographical source
National belonging
Political view


The present article is devoted to the analysis of the validity of Kostomarov’s autobiography as a historiographical source. The question is meaningful, considering the fact that Kostomarov’s work was written when we was an old man, in order to explain his national belonging and his political view, which he developed during his youth but later partially denied due to the Tsarist Empire’s hostility towards his juvenile idea of a Pan-Slavic federative republic.

The comparison with more recent texts shows that every cautious mystification of truth is overall marginal. Therefore, today’s historians can utilize Kostomarov’s autobiography in order to gather a relevant amount of information about his life.

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