Marginalia: note sulla Omsk “cosmica” di Galina Rymbu


Galina Rymbu
Russian civil poetry
grazhdanskaia poeziia
Kosmicheskii prospekt
contemporary Russian poetry


The article explores the poetic cycle Kosmicheskii prospekt (2018) that the young poet Galina Rymbu devoted to her hometown Omsk. The exploration dwells in particular on the notion of personal and collective trauma, and the close correlation – with Platonovian overtones – between language and memory. Situating at first Rymbu’s poetic production within the macrocontext of the new Russian civil poetry (grazhdanskaia poeziia) of the last decade, which comes imbued on the one hand with the Russian literary tradition, on the other hand with the new post-structuralist tendencies, the analysis investigates the way through which the Siberian urban geography described by the poet is inserted in the wider reflection on marginalia, thus challenging the dominant narratives both in terms of the perspective of the narrating voice and of its object of attention.
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