Муравьев как римлянин: к вопросу о единстве мироощущения писателя (по материалам писем к отцу и сестре)


M.N. Muraviev
history of Russian eighteenth-century literature
letter writing


Murav’ev as an Ancient Roman citizen: Towards the Study of Murav’ev’s Worldview as Expressed in His Letters to His Father and His Sister.
The article examines M.N. Murav’ev’s self-representation in his works. It demonstrates how Murav’ev’s worldview was shaped by his constant desire to present himself as an honest man (honnête homme). His model of behaviour was influenced by the cultural developments of his epoch; it was oriented both towards the past and the future. In Murav’ev’s view, the image of an honest man was comparable to the notion of Ancient Roman citizenship, comprising good manners, politeness, and dedication to the Roman Empire. The article examines the manifestation of Murav’ev’s model of behaviour in his unpublished letters, located in the archive of the State Museum of History in Moscow.

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