Автобиографизм Андрея Белого: пять измерений


Super text
Five dimensions
Alexandr Blok


Autobiographical elements permeate all the works by Andrei Bely. Autobiographism is surely inherent for the majority of writers, if not for all of them. But due to the versatility of Andrei Belyi’s talent, it has a peculiar position in his works. If we consider Andrei Belyi’s legacy as a whole single text, a kind of a super text, then it is possible to see that often one same autobiographical story appears in five dimensions.

Let’s take, for example, the five dimension of Aleksandr Blok and Belyi’s relationship, i.e. one of the most im-­‐ portant plots in Belyi’s mythology and about Belyi. First, the relationship with Blok and Blok’s figure appeared in letters to him(1st dimension); then a cycle of poems, dedicated to Blok (1901-1903), and a message to Blok (1908) (2nd dimension); and then goes Petersburg, a novel where the parody character of Sergei Likhutin is considered to be Blok in disguise (3rd dimension). During Blok’s life, the personality of the poet was imprinted by Belyi in articles and reviews, and after his death reports (4th dimension). Finally, Blok appears as a completely different person in Belyi’s memoirs and autobiographical prose (5th dimension).

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